Fee Structure



Tution Fee

Individual Certification Courses 3 Months £600/-
Certificates and Diplomas 12 months £2000-3900/-
Associate of Arts 24 Months £2400 per year
Bachelor Degree 36 months - Intensive £3900 per year
Master Degree 12-18 months £6000.00

*For the precise breakdown of tuition fees, students must refer to their University Enrolment Contract.

*A deposit of £1000 - £3000 requested at the time of enrollment, before the University issues the enrolment document for the student.


Application Fee

The application processing fee is £150 which is deductible from the full tuition fee once the student commences classes. This fee is mandatory and non-refundable.


The International University of America does provide very limited on-campus housing for students. Individuals may expect to pay an average of £70-£150 weekly for rent. There are many types of housing available in different price ranges, and apartment sharing amongst students is economical and is encouraged. The university provides data on rentals, share rentals, work exchanges, and sublets in the London area.


Students are expected to pay their own air transportation to London. Once in London, students must pay for their transportation costs to and from the university if such costs exist. Transport for London 30% discount Oyster Travel Card may be applied through the Registrar’s office.

Refund / Cancellation

Students should refer to IUA terms and conditions in the application form, where a refund is applied, it shall be decided by the Board of Director. No refund is given when classes for which the student has enrolled have started or where the student has been placed on probation, suspension or expulsion.

Payment Options

  • Payment may be made by card, cash and/or personal cheque (with appropriate bank guarantees or bank draft).
  • The University reserves the right to review and change tuition fees without notice. The tuition fee charged will depend on the fees in place when the student enrolls i.e. when the student registers and pays for courses. Registration for classes will be restricted for students with outstanding financial obligations.
  • Transcript and degree certificate/diploma will not be released until the student has paid all financial obligations to the University.

Scholarship / Assistantship

If applicants wish to apply for financial assistance or scholarship, they must include an additional essay in their application expressing why they believe they deserve assistance or scholarship. The essay should concentrate not only on financial reasons but also on academic and professional achievements. The University offers a very limited number of scholarships covering up to 50% of tuition fees and in very special cases, full scholarship. Tuition charges are mandatory. Assistantship may also require reciprocity on the part of the successful applicant to perform some tasks for IUA including providing tutorial to lower level students.