About IUA

International University of America (IUA) originally a Californian University established in 1980, founded its campus in London in February 1995. IUA and Its more recent global outlook is an indication of its desire to enhance itself more global offering an Anglo-American style education.

IUA is an independent, coeducational, business and liberal arts international institution of higher learning. As a foreign university in London, IUA is independently administered in accordance to the education reform Act 1988 by Management Education Resources Centre (MERC) incorporated (as a college of higher education) in England and Wales in July 1995.

The university provides an adequate and satisfactory international standard of education and confers diplomas and degree mainly in the business area. The university is a member of European Council for Business Education (ECBE). It is also an approved and accredited centre for the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (UK). IUA, until recently, was a UK registered Education Provider under the auspices and authority of DfES (also known as the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills) and conformed to the evolving rules, regulations and policies of the Home Office in the UK.

Our Mission

The aim of this establishment is to promote Anglo-American education style. And over the past decade the emerging needs of London's multicultural business environment drives the management to set plans for attracting more international students from different ethical and professional backgrounds around the world. This will provide students a rare opportunity to develop their vision when studying in the multicultural environment apart from their main objective of achieving a high end professional degree.

Our mission is to provide our students, through academic coursework, examination, tutorial, industrial visit and internships, a strong foundation of knowledge and experience with which to further their careers in international business.

The IUA Building

IUA which was earlier located in the historical heart of the City of London has now been relocated to an equally prestigious landmark building known as The Royal Arsenal Gatehouse in the south-east of London. The Royal Arsenal Gatehouse was built as a detached building in 1829 with a colorful military past in very close proximity to the Royal Artillery Museum and the original Royal Military Academy of Woolwich's Royal Arsenal. As part of the Royal Arsenal, which was Britain's most important military manufacturing base for over 300 years, various members of the British Royalty including King George VI had visited the Royal Arsenal Gatehouse being the main entrance to the Royal Arsenal.

More recently, the entire building was totally refurbished by the Greenwich Enterprise Board (GEB) and was officially reopened on 19th June 1996 by the Chairman of English Heritage in the presence of the Mayor of Greenwich and the Chairman of the Greenwich Enterprise Board. The International University of America took over the building on the 4th July 2003 to coincide with the American Independence Day.

Located in the heart of the town square, IUA also shares the town's good amenities with its other education neighbor, namely, the University of Greenwich.

Members of our staff and students have easy access to the excellent Waterfront Leisure Centre overlooking London's River Thames and the public library is also only a short walk away.

Within its own building, IUA has its own extensive library facilities. It has two reception rooms, two offices, one communication room, one archive room, four toilets, one reading room, one conference/seminar room, two large lecture rooms, and a large fitted kitchen/ meeting place.

Beside the highly trained and professional faculty members the campus is equipped with excellent facilities for efficient and effective computing. As research forms the core of the university curriculum. All research led courses guarantees that students can readily cope with the changing market demands and face challenging situations as they emerged in day-to-day business operations.

Enclosed within its building, IUA also has a huge patio with four seating and recreation quarters. Moreover, IUA has its own private car park with additional frontage parking and several small garden plots on three sides of the building. Furthermore, the University has its own small museum.

As the only prominent building in the town square which dates back to 964 AD, IUA's Bell and Clock towers are constantly being watched by the public for accurate time-keeping.