• Enrolling for a course or program at the International University of America ( hereafter known as ‘IUA’ ) constitutes a binding agreement on the student to follow the course or program and pay the full tuition fees.
  • All declarations made in the application for admission are accepted in good faith. Any false declaration about qualification or age or failure to produce documentary evidence of entry qualifications may render a student liable to expulsion from the program to which he/she has been admitted.
  • A student accepted on a course without first having been interviewed may be required to undergo a test in English on arrival to ensure that he/she has an adequate understanding of the language to cope with the program. Depending on the result of the test, he/she may be required to follow a remedial language course for as long as is deemed necessary to bring him/her up to the required standard.
  • A letter for the extension of visa will be issued only to a student who is in attendance of not less than 15 hours organized daytime study per week, in accordance to Home Office regulations. Student may neither drop a subject/course nor change from one program to another without written permission from the Registrar. Student is required to attend classes regularly and punctually. IUA reserves the right to report to a sponsor and other relevant Authorities, a student who does not observe this rule. Where a student has been absent for reasons of ill health, a doctor’s certificate may be required to cover the entire period of absence. A student unable to join his/her program by the scheduled date must inform the Registrar accordingly at least two weeks prior to the starting date of his/her program. Any application for deferment of the starting date which is not received within the specified time period will only be accepted at the discretion of the Academic Board. Tuition fee is payable before a student starts studies, in accordance with the terms as notified on his/her acceptance. At the discretion of the Registrar, a student may be allowed to pay his/her fees by installments. Tuition fee is only refundable if the student has been refused entry visa to enter Britain. A refund will be made provided all the conditions (a to e) below are met:
    1. The student or his/her representative must inform IUA in writing about his/her inability to start the program at least two weeks prior to the starting date of the program.
    2. The student has not entered the UK.
    3. IUA is provided with an original letter issued by the British High Commission/Embassy confirming the refusal of visa.
    4. The student has appealed against the refusal of the visa.
    5. All original paper work issued to the student including the Certificate of Enrollment and the receipts for fees paid are returned to IUA.
  • A student who is late in starting his/her course or program or has been absent from classes for a period of time or has not been attending all the subjects or course he/she has enrolled for, will not be entitled to any refund or reduction of tuition fee. If a student is required by the Home Office to leave the UK because of non or poor attendance or because of any breach of the law, tuition fees will not be refunded. A place will not be guaranteed for a student who has not paid the appropriate fees by the due date. IUA reserves the right to cancel courses, amalgamate classes, increase or reduce the number of lectures per week, or discontinue a program if the need arises. A student who changes address must notify IUA immediately. Important notices for students are displayed on IUA main notice board and it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that such notices are read. IUA will not be held liable for any property or money lost in IUA premises unless this is due to IUA’s negligence. A student must not use IUA’s address to receiving mail under any circumstances. IUA reserves the right to make appropriate changes to the program and amend the dates of programs and fees payable. Reasonable notice will be given in such cases. If the application form is signed on behalf of a student by his/her sponsor/guardian/representative, the above conditions will still apply. A student expelled from IUA for misconduct or behavior (such as aggression or violence or cheating in the examination) will not be entitled to any fee refund. Should it becomes impossible for IUA to continue running existing programs or courses for whatever reasons, students will be transferred to an affiliated college to continue their studies until their respective courses are completed.
  • Courses / programs will only take place if there is an adequate demand for them.
  • Students must pay the appropriate Student Union fee on enrollment.
  • Courses / programs are subject to alteration without further notice or compensation.
  • All students must also abide by the General Policies & Procedures, Admissions Procedure and Registration and Terms and Conditions of IUA as contained in this prospectus.
  • Only internal Certificates and Diplomas are awarded by IUA; the other, if any, by the appropriate bodies concerned.
  • Students are required to complete there studies and graduate with the specified time in there enrolled program / course of study.