Provost's Message

International University of America (hereafter also known as 'IUA') is an educational establishment founded with the purpose of providing modern business and IT education to international students. Such a purpose is achieved by IUA's highly qualified lecturers who are ready to impart relevant expert knowledge to students. These equally committed lecturers are supported by a strong team of capable administrators working in a modern inter-/intranet environment within the Royal Arsenal Gatehouse.

Located within the ancient trading port of Woolwich Arsenal, this is also a lively university town with excellent amenities for students including a good public library (our students are also encouraged to surf the world’s best digital libraries), the Greenwich Heritage Centre (incorporating the Greenwich Borough Museum and the Greenwich Historical Society) and the Firepower Artillery Museum on the River Thames. Further up stream, the whole of Central London opens up: Thames Barrier, Millennium Dome, Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tate Gallery, London Eye and the Houses of Parliament - all within a short ride by boat, car, British rail or London Underground. IUA's students also have the opportunity to live in IUA's executive town houses in the Royal Arsenal with excellent facilities conducive to their studies.

IUA provides both internal and external professional and academic courses with choices of specialization, as you can see in this prospectus, and they are taught incrementally to a high level and standard. Students are encouraged to be very critical in what they have learned and course subjects are approached from different perspectives, aided by continuous assessment including case-study, industrial visits, tutorials, special assignments, projects and examinations. Supplemented with study tours and internship, such a comprehensive approach often helps to inculcate an entrepreneurial spirit in our graduates who tend to be more confident and successful in their job or business prospects because of their newly acquired technical, human and conceptual skills.

On behalf of IUA, I welcome you to a period of unique study experience that will certainly enhance your intelligence and future career.

Dr. Peter Ng, PhD

(Provost IUA London)