General Transfer Credit Policy

Students may transfer credits from another graduate or professional program if the credits are appropriate to the IUA programme. Only modules offered at approved university or college may be accepted with an equivalent of a 'C' grade or better for the BBA and 'B' grade or better for the MBA/MPhil and PhD/DBA. The Provost is the final arbiter for the award of transfer credit.


Students must register in order to attend classes and receive a grade. All registration and other forms or documents are official and become IUA's property when received by the Registrar's Office.

The quarter will begin on the day announced in the Academic Calendar. Registration will take place during the month preceding the first day of each quarter and the drop/add period will last for two weeks. Late registration will take place on the day immediately following the first day of the quarter and will last no more than five days.

The minimum academic load is 15 credits per term for all programs and may only be exceeded under extenuating circumstances and with the prior written consent of the Provost.

The University reserves the right to cancel from the time-table any module in which there is an insufficient number of students enrolled. Students enrolled in a module that has been cancelled should contact the Registrar for assistance in making another module selection.

A minimum of 15 credits hours and additional library research per week are required for full-time status, which must be maintained for all foreign students.

It is also important to note that a student who has registered for a higher qualification is not later allowed to move and register onto a lower qualification unless the move is onto the same level qualification and approval is obtained from the Provost. Therefore, a registered BBA student is not allowed to move from the BBA to the AA degree.

Note: IUA reserves the right to alter, amend, change or modify the academic programme in cases of under or over enrolment, or in the case of a mutual agreement with a sponsoring institution. Similarly, IUA reserves the right to alter, amend, change or modify its terms and conditions of admissions and other policies without further notice.

Adding And Dropping modules

In some instances, students may find it necessary to add or drop a module after having registered. An application must be completed and placed on file with the Registrar. The 'add and drop' period runs for a maximum of two weeks starting on the first day of class.

Non-attendance does not constitute an official withdrawal. Failure to file an official drop will result in a failing grade in classes in which the student is registered or supposed to have registered, and the student will be liable for full tuition payments.


A student who wishes to withdraw from either a module or an entire program must first file an application available to the Registrar's Office. Failure to file this application will result in an 'F' grade for all modules for the respective quarter. Such withdrawal becomes official when the form is filed with the Registrar's Office. Note that no refund can be entertained once classes have started. Also refer to terms and conditions on the IUA application form.

Academic Term

The International University of America operates on a term system, with each term consisting of 10-15 intensive weeks of classes. Classes for both the MBA and BBA programs are each worth 'three term credits' classes. A 'three term credits' class involves at least three weekly hours of classroom instruction over a term.

Doctoral (PhD) classes may require extensive preparation prior to the initial class or tutorial session. This research and reading components are expected to take the equivalent of ten academic hours. In addition, each doctoral module requires ten academic hours of post-coursework designed to complete and present each module's project. Doctoral students will receive three hours of classroom instruction during 10 weeks, in addition to the pre and post-assignment, for a 'three term credits hours' class. Academic support will be provided by the instructor and the Academic Dean.

PDBA 799 and 800 are worth three term credits each. These classes represent the equivalent of thirty academic hours, and each one is taught over one term.

Students are expected to spend at least two hours of time for homework outside of class for each hour of work in class at the BBA and MBA levels, and three hours homework for each hour of class work at the PhD/DBA level.


IUA organises one graduation ceremony annually, in September. Students who have completed more than 75% of their programs and who are above the required CGPA for final graduations are entitled to petition for graduation and to attend the nearest graduation ceremony exercise.


Regular attendance at class meetings is required of all modules including directed study. Students are expected to spend at least 20 hours at the University including 15 hours of study/tutorial/lecture. In addition, students are required to attend and study a further 20 hours per week in the library to up-date on their studies and complete coursework.

Attendance records are maintained by the Registrar's Office with the help of the faculty members who may drop, at their discretion, a student from class for poor attendance. A student may be suspended for the term or even expelled from the university for poor attendance at any time if, after meeting with the Provost to discuss class attendance, he or she continues to be absent from classes. An instructor may withdraw a student who has accumulated more than three unofficial absences.

Directed Study

Directed study has been designed to meet the specialised interests and needs of advanced students. Request for directed study should be made in writing to the Provost unless prior approval has been given. The written request for directed study must include the specific module concerned and the justification for taking it as a directed study module. The student enrolled in a directed study module is required to work with an assigned faculty member throughout the term and complete requirements according to a specific syllabus.

Academic Dismissal Appeal

A student may appeal against an academic dismissal decision by submitting a written explanation with viable proof of non-occurrence of the deficiency or unjustified dismissive action together with the signature of approval of the Provost for a hearing to take place. If successful, all remedial actions will be taken immediately.