The programs of the International University of America emphasize both acquisition of practical business skills and theoretical knowledge. Equally important, the IUA student develops an awareness and appreciation of the unique elements of cultural, legal and linguistic differences that set the stage for today's complex international business transactions.

The following components are united to allow the widest possible scope for an in-depth study of contemporary Business and IT:

  • Postgraduate and undergraduate courses in finance, information technology, economics, international business, management and marketing.
  • The development and completion of a dissertation, thesis or business plan. These individual projects are based upon either personal or professional interests or an aspect of the IUA curriculum.
  • Case studies analysis of specific business problems designed to offer theoretical and practical approaches to the solutions of strategic business decisions.
  • Conferences with professionals from the international, governmental, financial, business, political, and cultural sectors to provide students with personal observations and experiences of professional life in the US and the UK.
  • Field trips to local firms and organizations to establish an 'inside view' of contemporary business in different business sectors.
  • IUA classes stress interaction among instructors and students, combining traditional lecture format with discussion of case studies. There are three intakes a year starting in about the start of January, May and September. Approximately 12 classes and 1 research class are offered for each 15 week intake session.

IUA Faculty

Dr. Stephen Helps
Dr. Tarun Pathak
PhD (Hons) MBA BA(Hons)
Dr. Luke M Pawsey
Dr. David Smeeton