Students Club & Activities


In an effort to create professional and academic contacts, to complement students' module of studies, and to expand personal interests, students are encouraged to participate in the SCIUA (Student Club of the International University of America). This student government has input on university policy and creates a sense of university spirit while organizing educational and social functions.

Sports And Recreation

Tennis, squash, swimming, jogging, golf, bicycling, sailing and roller-balding can be found in and around the Woolwich. IUA also has corporate membership at theWaterfront Leisure Centre located within the immediate vicinity.

Recreational facilities include swimming pools, tennis courts, gymnasiums and parks. Students also enjoy access to the various Greenwich museums, the Tower of London, river cruises, floating restaurant / café, Millennium ride and the Houses of Parliament all along the River Thames.

Student Life And Entertainment


IUA students will find a post office, photocopy services, banking services, restaurants, and office / school supply and bookstores within the immediate area adjacent to the campus. IUA students will find life in London very exciting. The city is a mixture of a number of neighborhoods with decidedly international characteristics. For instance, Chinatown in Soho or Brick Lane in East London containing the largest concentration of Chinese and Indian restaurants in the U.K respectively.

Around Leicester Square and Covent Garden, one witnesses Irish, Turkish, English, Japanese, Hispanic, Spanish, Italian and other Asian restaurants intermingled with the famous West End theatres.

Executive Advisory Board (EAB) And Program Evaluation

IUA has recently set up an Executive Advisory Board (EAB) to help it improve the services it provides to its students. It is composed of community members who are directly involved in the field of management and international business. It is comprised of executives in middle and senior positions in business in the London area. The EAB has three functions, namely, first, to help keep our programs current; second, to help IUA students find meaningful internships; and three, to evaluate the quality of our programs. At IUA, the EAB is essential to the success of out programs. Our EAB ensures that our programs meet the long-term needs of our students.


IUA students demand the highest quality education possible. They want academically qualified instructors who can also provide them with the practical aspects of their subject because of their daily exposure to the field. The EAB supports the work of the Academic Dean to ensure that our students achieve their goals.



Faculty members, business leaders and alumni compose the EAB. Each type of member plays an important role. Faculty members bring their knowledge of the program to the table. Alumni bring their own experience with IUA. Executives are able, willing and ready to contribute their time, and represent organizations that are interested in recruiting IUA graduates for internship program.

EAB members are recruited from organizations relevant to international business management. The EAB seeks members from multinational companies with major offices (regional centres or headquarters) in the central London Area whose companies specialize in marketing, manufacturing, imports/exports, hospitality, travel, and shipping among others. The EAB also looks for professionals in the fields of finance, law, and management consulting.


The EAB holds quarterly luncheon meetings and discusses matters impartially. During each meeting, the EAB concentrates on one key issue such as internships, curricula changes, or module evaluations.


There is also a need to improve the IUA curricula. After all, high standards of performance, a continuous desire to improve and a focus on customer service are key ingredients to a successful Executive Advisory Board. Therefore, each year, the EAB will review the modules that are included under the IUA programs. IUA management will need to know that the classes are up-to-date in terms of content. The EAB also reviews the teaching materials so that all basic principles and theories are covered. The EAB serves two purposes during this review process. First, the members report to IUA management about the latest trends developing in their fields and organizations. Second, they review our materials for quality. It is not enough to cover all topics in a module. module objectives and teaching techniques must be evaluated as well. Thus, the EAB members are in a unique position to advise, guide, and constructively critique IUA programs. The IUA management works hard to keep the faculty effective and the EAB keeps the management of the university on track.

Alumni Association

Students who earn a degree at IUA are entered on the IUA Alumni AssociationDatabase. The goal of the Alumni Association, which is based in London, is to maintain contact with other IUA graduates and organize activities for its members and future IUA students. Alumni Association members are an excellent resource to prospective students and professionals interested in IUA programs and who want to acquire program information from a student's perspective.


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