Living in London

London is one of the biggest and busiest city in the world with a multicultural population. It is an expensive city and finding the right place to rent or buy is a challenge. London, indeed, offers a thriving and diverse cultural scene to IUA students including a world-class symphony, ballet company, opera company, alternative rock and jazz clubs, cinemas, fine arts and science museums, and major league sports.

In fact, the local population of London is well-educated, culturally varied, and among the most highly qualified and well-paid in the world. Renowned London educational institutions support the workforce that is one of the youngest, most professional, and best trained in the UK The main economic activities of the City of London area are business services, international business and finance, communications, high technology, tourism, retail, and light industry. As the world leading financial centre with major airports and excellent telecommunication network, London also functions as the UK national and international trade centre involving major share of all UK trade.

London may also be known as the "Wall Street of the Europe". The city's financial district is comprised of elite corporations, financial institutions, the Bank of England and the London Stock Exchange. London's financial sector is still expanding due to foreign capital movement into local institutions and is Europe's largest international banking centre.


While IUA does provide very limited student housing, the university guides students in their search. A number of housing options are available to students, and the University maintains an updated listing of options. Initial coordination of student housing arrangements can be made by the University in residences located within 5-mile radius of the campus that provide temporary single or double occupancy room and apartment or flat. With the guidance of university’s Residence Director, students are usually able to find long-term accommodations within two weeks.

Health Services

All IUA students should register with the National Health Service (NHS). There are also private healthcare providers such as BUPA and PPP. Specific details relative to costs and coverage may be obtained through these healthcare providers or through one's own personal carrier.

Enquiries Phone: +44 (0) 208 331 0555