Doctorate Degree

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Research Studies

The research students will appreciate the integrative nature of today's competitive environment and will develop the ability to think in global terms as they return to senior executive positions within their organizations.

Master Of Philosphy Requirements

You should have a good Postgraduate degree in a relevant subject (or equivalent qualification). Some relevant work experience is desirable but not essential. Applicants whose first language is not English must have a minimum of IELTS 6.0, TOEFL 575 (paper-based) or 233 (computer-based), or equivalent.

Please call the campus office on 020 8331 0555 for further details.

Doctor Of Philosophy Requirements

The PhD candidate must have an MPhil degree or Master's degree with atleast two years professional experience (including any internship done previously) and must show strong academic potential. The candidate normally enters doctoral studies after having completed the MPhil.

The candidate must complete the IUA application form that takes into consideration the candidate's academic and professional experience inmanagement or other specialization.

Please call the campus office on 020 8331 0555 for further details.

Start Dates

For all IUA academic programs, there are Three entry periods (each lasting 10 weeks) per year: January, July and October. At this level of education, IUA will also consider applicants attempting entry outside these dates.

Program Schedule

The program consists of four independent academic terms. Each student will take two formal modules or more per terms, in addition to PPhD 799 and PPhD 800 for a total of 60 credits consisting of 10 modules ( unless these have already been taken at the Master of Philosophy level ) plus a major dissertation. Taught modules may be waived if a pure research route is chosen and approved.

Graduation Requirements

The PhD candidate must acquire 30 credits with a 3.0 CGPA or higher in order to present his / her dissertation to the doctoral committee. The candidate must also have completed a minimum of 2 terms’ teaching/tutoring internship.

If the student has a CGPA below 3.0, he/she will be authorized to retake a maximum of 4 classes. The student will pay a fee per extra class calculated on a pro-rata basis of the tuition paid for the full program. If the student acquires the 3.0 GPA with those additional classes, he/she will be authorized to present the dissertation to the doctoral committee. The student will graduate from the program only after the dissertation has been accepted and the student has received a grade not lower than A- for the dissertation. The thesis itself constitutes 30 credits. In case of pure research doctoral studies, no taught modules will be required but the submission pages must not be less than 750. Teaching internship cannot be waived.


PhD students take a minimum of two classes per terms and start working on their dissertation proposals upon admission. modules at IUA may be completed during a period of twelve months, after which the student will advance to the status of PhD / PhD candidacy and will then have two more years to complete the dissertation. The dissertation requires a significant expansion on the body of knowledge in the field under investigation and averages five hundred pages for the PhD candidate.

The PhD Dissertation

The dissertation must contribute to the body of knowledge of international business management based on academic and primary research in the field. The student will focus on issues, structures, technology, and cultural differences that affect international business management.

The dissertation emphasizes the practical application of the principles investigated. While there is a sound theoretical basis to the dissertation based on the literature review, the primary purpose will be to apply management principles in a realistic setting. Dissertation must not only be practical but also contribute to academic research. Supervisors and readers will cast a critical eye on all sections of the dissertation. They will offer suggestions for improvement and recommend additionalareas of research or analysis. Supervisors will also prepare the student for the formal presentation to the faculty and students of the university.