Master Degree

Master of Business Administration (Finance)

Financial analysis and decision-making is central to the corporate environment. As business conditions continue to be unpredictable, there will be a greater need for highly educated yet practical, financial managers. MBA in Finance is designed to provide a quantitative and qualitative concentration of courses leading to a corporate-related finance position:

One of the first courses to be taken is BUS 637, which prepares the student to conduct research for the case study required for the capstone course, MGT 785-Corporate Strategy Formulation and Implementation (Capstone course to be taken last in degree program). In the capstone course, the student will be responsible for an in-depth analysis of the finance process within an industry and the financialfunction of a corporation. The analysis is based on the application of the theory and practical knowledge obtained in the courses taken in Finance and the managerial core.


1. Common Body of Knowledge - 27 credits

  • ACC-505 Financial and Managerial Accounting (3)
  • ECO-5O1 Economic Theory (3)
  • FIN-517 Financial Management (3)
  • MGT-340 Organization Theory and Behavior (3)
  • MGT-511 Quantitative Methods for Business & Management (3)
  • MGT-550 Political, Legal, and Ethical Issues in Business (3)
  • MGT-570 Operation Management (3)
  • MKT-502 Marketing Management (3)

2. Managerial Core - 18 credits

  • BUS-637 Graduate Research Methods (3)
  • FIN-639 Financial & Economic Analysis of the Firm (3)
  • INB-601 International Business Environment (3)
  • ITS-620 lnformation Resources Management (3)
  • MGT-625 Strategic Management (3)
  • MKT-646 Strategic Concepts in Marketing (3)

3. Major - 21 credits

Finance ( 21 )

  • FIN-660 Security Analysis (3)
  • FIN-665 Money and Capital Markets (3)
  • FIN-670 Mergers and Acquisitions (3)
  • FIN-685 lnternational Finance Theory (3)

And one elective course. Select from 600 or 700-level Accounting, Finance, Information Technology Systems, International Business, Management or Marketing.