Master Degree

Master of Business Administration (Travel, Tourism & Hospitality)

As the world travel, tourism and hospitality industry becomes more varied, diversified and dynamic, it is crucial that students in this field be developed to become more competent future managers. The complex nature of this industry in terms of domestic and foreign travels whether for pleasure or business or the combination of these meant that schooling and training of students will need to be more global, rounded and strategic in order to meet the objective of such an industry.

Again, one of the first courses to be taken is BUS 637, which prepares the student to conduct research for the case study required for the capstone course, MGT 785-Corporate Strategy Formulation and Implementation. In the capstone course, the student will be responsible for an in-depth analysis of an industry and a corporation. The analysis is based on the application of the theory and practical knowledge obtained in the courses taken in travel, tourism and hospitality.


1. Common Body of Knowledge - 27 credits

  • ACC-505 Financial and Managerial Accounting (3)
  • ECO-5O1 Economic Theory (3)
  • FIN-517 Financial Management (3)
  • MGT-340 Organization Theory and Behavior (3)
  • MGT-511 Quantitative Methods for Business & Management (3)
  • MGT-550 Political, Legal, and Ethical Issues in Business (3)
  • MGT-570 Operation Management (3)
  • MKT-502 Marketing Management (3)

2. Managerial Core - 18 credits

  • BUS-637 Graduate Research Methods (3)
  • FIN-639 Financial & Economic Analysis of the Firm (3)
  • INB-601 International Business Environment (3)
  • ITS-620 lnformation Resources Management (3)
  • MGT-625 Strategic Management (3)
  • MKT-646 Strategic Concepts in Marketing (3)

3. Major - 21 credits

Travel, Tourism & Hospitality ( 21 )

  • TTH-350 / 550 Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Marketing (3)
  • TTH-400 / 600 Food and Beverage Management (3)
  • TTH-420 / 620 Total Quality Management and Control in the Hospitality Industry (3)
  • TTH-450 / 650 Front Office Management (3)
  • TTH-460 / 660 HRM in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality (3)

And one elective course. Select from 600 or 700-level Accounting, Finance, Information Technology Systems, International Business, Management or Marketing.