Certificates and Diploma

English Language and Business Communication Skills

The ESL Program provides regularly scheduled courses in English as a second language as well as custom-tailored Business English program for groups of international students and business personnel with topics ranging from resume (CV) writing to job interview techniques. Designed to meet the specific needs of non-native speakers, the courses provide the opportunity to develop the vocabulary and skills required of candidates for business-related undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Special emphasis is given to the development of the cultural awareness necessary for interacting with English speaking natives in the business environments. As a general rule, in teaching ESL, guidance is also obtained from the various English Language public examination bodies and incorporated into IUA curriculum due to our educational operation in the UK.

ESL Levels

The intensive format of the program consists of six levels totaling 150 hours of practical instruction. Following a comprehensive placement test, new students are enrolled in one of six levels.

ESL 080 (Low Beginning) and ESL 081 (High Beginning)

Beginner’s Intensive ESL sets the stage for international students to acquire the English language skills needed for regular academic purposes at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The range of content includes pronunciation, guided conversation, listening to native speech, sentence and paragraph writing, reading, grammar and dictionary skills.

ESL 082 (Low Intermediate) and ESL 083 (High Intermediate)

Intermediate intensive ESL provides the English language background required to begin pre-academic language studies, e.g. studying skills, paragraphing and essaying skills for research. The range of content includes prepared oral presentations, listening to short lectures, paragraphing and essay writing, reading, grammar and dictionary skills, free conversation and pronunciation.

ESL 084 (Low Advanced) and ESL 085 (Advanced)

Advanced intensive ESL provides final preparation for regular academic courses with an emphasis on business and the global economy. The range of content includes speech communication, pronunciation, listening to lectures, writing and research, reading and study skills, grammar and dictionary skills, and the fundamental use of common academic and business computer software programs.


Appropriate courses offered include the followings:

ENG 101 : English Composition I

This course promotes standard writing skills and helps students become better readers and writers. Emphasis is on grammatical usage, mechanical writing skills, critical reading, writing for coherence and correctness and basic library skills. Expository techniques of paragraphs, short essays and reports are covered.

ENG 102 : English Composition II

This course continues to build writing skills and develop critical thinking in reading, writing and evaluating research. The styles and strategies for organizing and writing properly documented research papers are explored.

ENG 110 : Business Communications Skills

Effective communication is increasingly important in the information and service-oriented U.S / U.K business environment. Internal and external business communications using verbal and non-verbal techniques are addressed. Major topics are: writing reports, job related communications such as letters and memos and verbal communication.